Legal Notice

First, the sole purpose of this website is to give you a reading experience. In absolute anonymity. There are not even google-analytics, and the only dependence is one google-font. There are no cookies, or ads, or any line of code that makes a difference between user A and user B.

If you decide to post a comment, you can disclose whatever you want to. You don’t have to disclose anything. Your IP won’t be recorded. Your comment will of course be stored and probably published. Don’t forget though, your provider might have a legal duty to trace you.

Also, my host,, provides me with some analytics as for traffic.

As for the content of this website. I’m held captive in germany. I may no longer leave this country under the thread of security detention. Possibly on a life term basis. My human rights do not exist.

I declare this state, its legitimacy null and void.

After reading the content of this website, I think it’s up to other to respond for their actions. And, in the very first place, for deceiving us utterly.

All content is protected by copy-right law

My name is Guano Luecke.

If you have legal issues, write an email to