Too Many Holes

The truth about this world's economics is very simple: We, as all other beings on this planet, compete for ressources.

And the more beings compete for ressources the harder this competition will become.

Markets, Prices and Competition

As for markets, their prices respectively: if you own this planet, or the part that can be made use of to make a living, you'll simply get the more the more you can intensify competition.

Global Population Growth

Global population growth is key. And bringing down any borders that might protect people against global competition.

And why would we let anyone play this game with us?

Employees and Employers

And forget about traditional employer - employee - fights. Employers are subject to the very same mechanisms.

Employers actually are those who compete for capital. As do employees indirectly if they compete for a work place, meaning production means and demand.


We really have to stop that. Protect ourselves against competitive pressures. Control these competitive pressures.


Organization is key. We can let ouselves be organized – and the Gini-coefficient gives a very clear verdict here - or organize ourselves. It's our choice. Or, actually, it's an imperative to restore societies that are humane!


This doesn't require communism. And it sure doesn't require capitalism. It requires a society that understands its situation and is willing to deal with it. Be humane. Be fair.