Pretended Democracy

Remember going to school, when you were a kid?

Figure your classmates would elect a kind of leader.

Half of your classmates wouldn’t vote because they didn’t approve of any of the candidates.

The other half would fall apart into two parts, one preferring the one candidate, the other the other one.

And now figure this candidate, when being elected, is free to do to you and your life whatever he wanted.

He can send you to war, force to kill. Tax you. Define your education, your workplace. Everything.

Would you agree on this? Would you subject yourself to anything like this?

It’s not democracy, by the way. It’s absolute and unrestricted totalitarian dominion of a people by a relative majority, that regularly runs down to an absolute minority, usually something like 25% of a population. 


Tell a group that 80% of this group approves or disapproves of whatever. And then be assured that 80% of this group will confirm this pretended reflection. They will adjust to what they think to be the middle.

Self-fulfilling prophecy. Humans are herd animals. Seems to work for our media, and those behind those media.